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Waves comes from a place that still holds on to a magic that runs in the deep blue water, fresh green leaves and magnificent animal life that roam free; a place much like paradise; this is the resplendent island of Sri Lanka. A place where you discover murmuring waterfalls, golden beaches dipped in tropical sunlight, lush rainforests, misty blue hills, smiling people and a quiet sense of peace. This incredible place is what breathed inspiration into Waves. This sincere inspiration blends in a kind of magic to Waves flip-flops, making them more than just footwear. Shaped capturing the curve of ocean waves, colored in the memory of indigenous birds and flowers, textured paying tribute to the silky rivers as well as sandy beaches

We are moved to protect this magnificent place that inspires us. But, it is not enough to take care in what we do; as a corporation we feel the calling and the immense responsibility to play our part in undoing the harm that humanity has caused on the environment. This is why Waves takes conservation seriously. We have started collecting worn off flip flops and have started upcycling, into a new pair of waves. Because it's not just about walking the journey, it's about walking it right. Because it's up to us to make a difference. Because it's up to us to save the world.

When your wear a pair of waves, you become a part of paradise.

Once you own a pair of waves you take a stand to protect nature’s pristine unfolding and safe guard it for tomorrow.